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Enhance the sports development. Inspiring education is our feature of the program
Enhance the sports development. Inspiring education is our feature of the program

Aims of


Kidult Sports Academy is providing creative and professional sports training program for kid and adult. We would like to inspire more people, try to assist them getting better in Development, Performance and Health.
Bryan Zhang

Features of Our Sports Program

“Customised, Enjoyable, Impressive and Impartial.” Program

Development Pathway

By offering a developmental pathway of fundamental motor skills, we ensure a fast and effective way for students to incorporate the skills learned in specific sports such as basketball or athletics. Essentially, we provide the foundation that is required for all sports.

It is the aim to provide students with higher levels of self-esteem, so that they may possess a stronger sense of interactive social confidence and equality that they will carry throughout their lives.


The philosophy recognizes the importance that sports can play in fostering the relationships between health and wellbeing.

We are offering high quality of coaching services, all of our students proactively learn by observation, exploration, self-reflection and active experimentation. This helps build the enjoyment of learning and encourage their motivation to learn.

Our creative program and safely practicing skills can increase self-confidence & self-esteem.

The Promise of


“Safety, Step by Step and Outcomes” all we care a lots!

  • Start on time, completing a thorough warm up and cool down
  • Provide an experienced and suitable coach for all programs and services that we conduct
  • Continually offer positive reinforcement to encourage every participant to achieve their best possible results and goals
  • Respect that sporting goals must not be achieved at the expense of the physical or psychological wellbeing of any participant under our care