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Your prime spot in Sheung Wan for unleashing your fitness potential!

Features of


Quality Trainers

High Privacy Environment

Shower Facility

Follow up service

Type of


Weight Control

Designed for fitness enthusiasts and body transformation seekers.
Whether your goal is weight loss or muscle gain, our experienced trainers offer personalized exercise routines, nutrition plans, and continuous support.

Performance Training

Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Let’s reach a new performance heights with our tailored training programs. Optimize strength, speed, agility, and endurance with expert coaches and targeted exercises.

Posture Correction

Designed for those seeking relief from discomfort or appearance improvement.
Improve posture and alleviate discomfort with specialized services. Get a personalized plan, including exercises and ergonomic guidance.

Functional Training

Designed for performance improvement in sports or everyday movements.
Transform your body with functional training. Engage multiple muscle groups to improve real-life movements, strength, and flexibility.

Trial Class


1 : 1

In a 1:1 training, coach provides personalized attention and customized training to an individual based on their unique needs and goals.


1 : 2

In 1:2 training, one coach works with two individuals, enabling a small group dynamic where guidance and instruction can be provided simultaneously, addressing their specific needs.


1 : 3

In 1:3 training, one coach trains three individuals, creating a larger group setting while maintaining individualized attention and guidance from the coach to each participant.


Price Chart

1 : 1 Private Session
1 Session
10 Sessions
$900 / Session
20 Sessions
$800 / Session
30 Sessions
$700 / Session
1 : 2-3 Private Semi-Group Session  
1 Session
10 Sessions
$1300 / Session
20 Sessions
$1200 / Session

*More sessions more discount

Every Session 60mins